CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree

Odoo • Image and Text

CES 2022 named Carewear as an Innovation Award Honoree in Health and Wellness for its outstanding design and engineering in wearable digital health. 

What makes Carewear unique is that it is the only wearable light therapy system on the market that is CE approved and FDA registered as a Class II(a) medical device for the management of pain, treatment of soft tissue injury, wrinkles and acne. This sophisticated technology medical device is paired with a digital health infrastructure allowing clinicians to select treatment parameters and outcome indicators, monitor utilization and report real-time over the Cloud through the use of the Carewear application. 

This additional honor is but one of many innovation awards that Carewear has received in Optical Engineering (SPIE), Wearable Technology (IoT/WT), Aging Innovation (AARP) and Sports Wearables (ISPO). 

“We are pleased to receive all this recognition and excited to see the increasing adoption of this efficacious, non-pharmacologic breakthrough for pain, wrinkles and acne”, said Dr. Chris Castel, CEO at Carewear. 

Be sure to view Carewear’s display at the Innovations Awards Showcase in the Venetian Expo or visit Carewear at CES 2022 for a live demonstration at booth 8013 in the North Hall at the main convention center in the Health and Wellness section. Learn how Carewear’s light therapy can help improve your wellness.