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Powerful Light Therapy

CareWear uses powerful pulsed light at the shortest (Blue) and longest (Red) wavelengths to activate multiple cellular processes for optimal energy production, blood flow and pain reduction. This photonic energy, called PhotoBioModulation (PBM), has been scientifically proven to elevate tissue temperature and increase circulation (by releasing Nitric Oxide), boost cellular energy (by ATP production) and reduce pain (by reducing local inflammation) . . . allowing your athelets train harder, perform better and recover faster .

CareWear's award winning Wearable Light Therapy is available through Worker's Comp program in professional sports. LEARN MORE.

Train Harder.

Provide a Pre-Workout Boost to your athelete's muscles so they can train harder and longer. CareWear Light is clinically proven to delay the onset of exercise fatigue so you can overcome muscle soreness and exercise plateaus.

Perform Better.

Whether striving for a competitive edge or a personal best, CareWear can get your athletes there! CareWear’s red light therapy helps them outperform in strength, power and endurance.

Recover Faster.

Accelerate recovery from muscle soreness and strains after overtraining or competition. PBM has been clinically proven to be superior to ice and is considered beneficial by the International Olympic Committee for acute muscle recovery and tendon inflammation.

Relieve Pain.

CareWear’s Light Patches offer a drug-free alternative to conventionally used Acetaminophen, NSAIDs and Opioids in controlling pain and inflammation without the unwanted side effects typically seen in drugs.

Trusted by more than 100 Professional Teams and their Athletes

IMG Academy, USA Teams, Military Academies and Special Forces for Wearable Relief and Recovery.

"We have had very good results with treatment on tendon and overuse injuries and pain, as well as acute trauma inflammation and pain. In many cases the athletes report pain relief and improved function after a single use."

Scott Woodward, Physical Therapist/Assistant Athletic Trainer, Colorado Avalanche

"We are always looking to provide our athletes access to the most cutting edge technology to maximize their performance and recovery. CareWear is portable and easy-to-use, and we're looking forward to all of the athletes who train here being able to use the product to speed up recovery."

Jared White, Head of Athletic Training, IMG Academy

"We are seeing some great results from the CareWear product, our players really like it too!"

Constantine Demetriadis, ATC, Professional Soccer Athletic Trainer, Orlando City Soccer Club

Kit Includes

  • Stick, Click, Go Wearable
  • Rechargeable Controller
  • 2 Medium Butterfly Light Patches
  • Charger & Cable
  • Patch Placement Guide
  • Convenient Travel Case

CareWear Red Light Therapy Kit

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Approvals and Awards

CareWear has received numerous innovation awards in Optical Engineering (SPIE), Wearable Technology (IoT/WT) and Sports Wearable (ISPO). CareWear is an FDA Registered Class II Medical Device that is now available to the consumer for acceleration of tissue recovery & reduction of pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

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