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This Clinical Guide for use of PhotoBioModulation therapy (PBM) is not intended to stand alone nor is it intended to be a fixed protocol as some patients may require more or less treatment or different treatment by means of diagnosis. Patient care should always be based on the clinician's medical judgement and clinical skills linked with an understanding of the nature of the injury, inflammation, pain and the mechanisms of PBM. The guidelines contained herein are based on the best available evidence and do not constitute inflexible treatment recommendations. Due to the changing body of evidence, this Clinical Guide is not intended to be a "Standard-of-care".

FDA Clearance

The FDA has stated that it is the responsibility of the clinician to determine the FDA clearance status of each device he or she wishes to use in clinical practice. Carewear devices are cleared as infrared lamps under FDA ILY. See Indications for use in the Carewear operator manuals for detailed labeling information.


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