Research Presentation Spotlights Soft Tissue Recovery & Reduced Pain

RMATA | Friday April 12th

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CareWear’s award-winning innovation in wearable light patches is supported by equally innovative investigative research using ultrasound and hyperspectral imaging on human soft tissue injury. The BYU research team headed by Dr. Draper and Dr. Wells have demonstrated favorable effects of CareWear’s light patches in modulating the inflammatory response and stimulating blood flow that leads to rapid soft tissue injury recovery and reduced pain.

If you missed this research presentation at NATA, NAALT or WAALT in 2018, be sure to attend Dr. Wells’ presentation at RMATA in Phoenix, AZ on Friday April 12th, or read more here:

The effect of Photobiomodulation on Healing of Quadriceps Muscle Contusions(Presentation at WAALT 2018, RMATA 2019) 

Management of Pain and Recovery at point-of-care in acute sports and industrial injuries using PBM 
(Presentation at NAALT 2018, RMATA 2019) 


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