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Introducing CareWear Clinical App,  your on-the-go reference guide for injury management with PhotoBioModulation (PBM).

Simply choose the area of the body you’d like to focus on, select the injury and receive illustrated guidance for PBM patch placement over spinal nerves, lymph nodes, muscles, trigger and acupuncture points.

It’s FREE!  All part of your CareWear customer benefits. 

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 Over 200 color illustrations 

  Browse by anatomical area and injury

  Most common sprain, strains, tendinopathies and pain locations

  Full body illustrations of dermatomes, lymphosomes, and acupuncture meridians

 Body inch measurement for acupuncture points

  Illustrated referred pain patterns for each trigger point

  Location and mechanism of injury

  Regional lymph nodes 

 Expert advice on PBM

  Patch placement


  Contraindications & Precautions

 Dosage guidelines

  Current research studies

  Expert advice on Injury Impacted Muscle(s) 

 Muscle test position

 Origin and insertion

  Nerve and segmental level

  Patch placement for muscle recovery

  New injuries added monthly