Testimonials & Awards

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“I was skeptical at first, but I can definitely feel a difference in my knee. It helps with the stiffness and I don’t hurt as much after I use the patch.”

Bill B.

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“Before I used CareWear, going up and down the stairs was a slow painful process. Since using CareWear it’s a breeze! I no longer have painful knees keeping or waking me at night. I was very skeptical that this would work, much less works well as it does. So very happy with it  and it only took a couple treatments before I started to feel results!”

Elise. C

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“The first night that I tried CareWear I was able to fall asleep without extreme hip pain. Each time I use it the pain is less. I will continue to use forever!”

Judy H.

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“I suffered for over 10 years with chronic neck pain and stiffness. It has progressed to the point where I would go to bed with neck pain and wake with neck pain. There was no such thing as even finding a comfortable position in which to sleep. I had regular chiropractic treatments and purchased literally every contraption I could find that promised some chance of relief including numerous pillows, neck braces, stretchers and even an electric current delivery collar. None of these devices or treatments provided any improvement. Using the CareWear patch for one session per day, in less than two weeks, the chronic pain and stiffness in my neck was completely resolved. This is a huge improvement in my quality of life."

Randell Y.

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"We have had very good results with treatment on tendon and overuse injuries and pain, as well as acute trauma inflammation and pain. In many cases the athletes report pain relief and improved function after a single use."

Scott Woodward, Physical Therapist/Assistant Athletic Trainer, Colorado Avalanche

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"We are seeing some great results from the CareWear product, our players really like it too!"

Constantine Demetriadis, ATC, Professional Soccer Athletic Trainer, Orlando City Soccer Club

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"In addition to being easy to administer and use in the training room, traveling and home, we have found the CareWear devices to be very efficient and effective for use of all musculoskeletal conditions including pain and edema. Players report good success and request CareWear more frequently than other modalities."

Scott Woodward, Professional Hockey Physical Therapist, Colorado Avalanche
Matt Sokolowski, Professional Hockey Athletic Trainer, Colorado Avalanche

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"CareWear is a simple to use light therapy product I was introduced to. I found patient compliance to be extremely high. Any time I get high patient compliance, the patient will see results."

Larry Mayol, ATC/LAT
Owner/President Star Care, Inc. 

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"We used the CareWear product on acute hamstring strains as well as ligament sprains, and the player commented that they felt less pain and stiffness using the product as compared to previous strains."

Director of Sports Medicine, Division I University

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"CareWear has been shown to decrease post-throwing soreness and recovery time. The ease of use also increases patient's compliance."

Athletic Training Coordinator, Professional Baseball Team

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"Up and coming treatment modality for tissue repair and recovery.  We have been using photobiomodulation light therapy more frequently with good results and will continue to incorporate into treatment regimens."

Athletic Trainer, Armed Forces

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"CareWear helped identify and localize a contusion by drawing the edema to the surface. Player commented post treatment that he could feel the modality working. Easy to use. Can wear to meetings. Reusable pads. Good results."

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Professional Football Team