How CareWear Works

The CareWear Wearable Light system features advanced sports medicine technology using PhotoBioModulation (PBM) to treat pain
and improve tissue recovery.


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What Does it Do?

SAFE EFFECTIVE RELIEF. Wearable relief for pain and stiffness in muscles and joints, treatment of sprains & strains, improved muscle endurance & recovery from exercise. Red Light & Blue Light work together to decrease pain, increase local circulation, warm tissue & relax muscles.

Wearable, wireless, and easy to use, CareWear light patches use revolutionary technology to provide safe, drug-free pain relief that goes with athletes anywhere: use it on the training field, on the bus or plane, even at home. 

Supported by Research

CareWear's wearable light patches are scientifically proven to be safe and effective in helping professional and amateur athletes recover and return to their sport sooner. 

Recent university research by CareWear has centered on treatment of pain and acute sports injuries using contusion and eccentrically induced tissue damage models on volunteered human subjects. 

These experiments, carried out with several major universities in the sports science field, are demonstrating significant effects on pain reduction and recovery from injury  as compared to placebo controls. Visit our research page for details.

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CareWear Reusable Light Patch

The CareWear light patch features award-winning patented technology using printed LEDs integrated into ultra-slim adhesive hydrogel patches, with up to 1500 LEDs per patch. CareWear light patches deliver powerful LED light therapy to treat pain in just 30 minutes.
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CareWear Controller

The CareWear wireless controller acts as both power source and dosage control for the CareWear light patches. Rechargeable, reusable, and waterproof, the controller is pre-programmed to deliver the correct dosage of light therapy to every CareWear light patch.
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CareWear Replacement Patches

CareWear Replacement Light Patches are available in several body-contouring shapes and sizes. Each box contains 10 patches which, with proper care, may be re-used up to 20 times each.

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CareWear Carrying Case Kits

The CareWear wearable light system is available in two convenient kits for easy use by trainers, athletes, and teams on the go: a single kit with 1 controller, charger, and carrying case; and a “quad” kit with 4 controllers, 4-port charger, and carrying case.