Wearable Recovery™

Introducing CareWear

Light therapy has a proven potential in sports medicine for pain relief, tissue recovery and performance improvement. Up 'til now, light therapy devices were large, bulky and expensive. They require athletes to confine themselves in the training room, where the athlete or therapist needs to hold the device near the affected tissue while constantly monitoring the device and dosage.  

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Starting now, the game changes.

CareWear® has developed the first wearable, wireless, FDA-registered light patches for pain relief, tissue recovery and performance improvement for athletes in all sports. It’s the first sports medicine product to use the advanced technology of printed light: 3500+ LEDs printed into ultra-slim light patches that you can “Stick and Go” anywhere – on the road, in the training room, or during warm-up and recovery.

Available in several body-contouring shapes and sizes, CareWear wearable light patches are reusable up to 20 times. The CareWear controller acts as both power source and dosage control for the CareWear light patches. Rechargeable, reusable, and waterproof, the controller is pre-programmed to deliver the correct dosage of light therapy to any CareWear light patch.

It’s simple, portable, drug-free, and easy to use for athletes in all sports. And the typical treatment time is just 30 minutes.

Does research validate it?  Yes.

Do scientific societies recognize it?  Yes.

Are athletes using it?  Yes.

Will we share these stories?  You bet - right here.

We’re excited to introduce CareWear wearable light patches, and we invite you to check back here often for the latest news, events, and ideas in using wearable light for pain relief, tissue recovery and performance improvement. And if you just can’t wait to get in the game, you can pre-order our light patches and controllers here – and be one of the first to try Wearable Recovery!