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Powerful Light Therapy

CareWear uses powerful pulsed light at the shortest  (Blue) and longest (Red) wavelengths to provide  soothing warmth and optimal photonic energy  production. Our light patches provide up to 80 mW of  total optical power and 144 Joules of energy during a  single treatment. Give a proven medical grade dose on-the-go anywhere.


Supported by Human Clinical Trials

This was the first randomized controlled trial on humans using an acute contusion model of the anterior thigh generated by a 70 mph (112 Kph) tennis ball. Active and Placebo Photobiomodulation (PBM) using CareWear’s red & blue light patches were applied immediately following the injury and on 4 consecutive days thereafter. 


Rapid Resolution & Recovery

Clinical trials support using CareWear light patches following soft tissue injury to boost circulation for acceleration of soft tissue recovery.

Improved Tissue Oxygenation & Blood Flow

Hyperspectral imaging (Reflectance Spectroscopy) demonstrates increased circulation for improved tissue perfusion and oxygenation. 


Improve Muscle Recovery

The active PBM ( ___ ) group exceeded their baseline preinjury levels of peak torque and average power immediately post injury  with improvement increasing to 8.9% and 16.8 %, respectively after 4 days.
The placebo group (- - -) never regained pre-injury muscle strength and power throughout the study.

Safe On The Face

Treatment over the face, especially around the eyes, with higher irradiance Laser/LEDs may cause excessive heating and or retinal damage. CareWear’s light patches deliver lower irradiance using microLEDs that meet the IEC 62471 standard for the lowest optical and thermal risk factors. 

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