1500 LEDs

Printed Light Revolutionizes Light Delivery

Simultaneous delivery of multiple wavelengths with complete tissue coverage 

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CareWear and its partners have successfully designed Blue 450 nm Micro LEDs that are made into ink and printed on Roll-to-Roll Printing on 125 micron PET film into its flexible light patches. This new process revolutionizes light delivery and provides flexible printed light at significant power levels and efficiencies that are well suited for PhotoBioModulation (PBM) Red Light Therapy.

Our light patches are made using 20 micron gallium nitride LEDs (3 times the size of a red blood cell) at a density of 25 LEDs per cm2. Our largest patches featured to 1500 LEDs. The light output is highly directional and similar to LASERs relative to their beam divergence. We are able to provide continuous outputs at an average of up to 2.5 mW/cm2 over the entire treatment surface and up to 7.5 mW/cm2 in pulsed modes in areas up to 56 cm2.


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